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Apparitions & Disintegrations: Postcard Print Set

Apparitions & Disintegrations: Postcard Print Set


Set of Four: Matte Postcard Prints (5"X 7")

This set of prints features four of my personal favorite collage works from 2018 to 2020. For me, this edition of fifty represent an overview of the ideas and visual qualities that I have been exploring as a visual maker over the past two years.


Entitled "Apparitions and Disintegrations," multilayered portraits in this series seek to break apart illusory boundaries and separations between the body-land-spirit-ancestors-and time. Through shifts in transparencies and color relationships, these artworks a perform a form of visual story telling that expresses my meditations upon my relationships to my ancestors, my dreams and my environment.


Read about these selected works at this page.

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