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a shrine of (un)memory

Dedicated to the lost hxstorical memories of her maternal ancestors, Chan’s installation explore the ways in which residues and wreckages of the past transcend generations and shape the personal-political landscape of the present. In meditation upon the transhxstorical reverberations of violent systems of erasure and exploitation, Chan’ digital alterations and distortions of family photographs examines certain un-knowabilities as a kind of ancestral silence that is full of pain and intention. As reverberations of the past, these missing knowledges speak to the terror and violence of hxstory. With these images of disintegration flickering across its surface, the shrine holds in place the (un)memories of a past that continues to persists and shape the present.

site specific multi-media installation

art & anthropology building,  UC Berkeley CA, 2019


Through the sculptural “re-assemblage” of salvaged objects, I used digitally disintegrated images, projection mapping, ink painting, written word, and other media to construct “a shrine of (un)memories.” This practice of commemorative space-making is mediated by a complex series of processes from gathering, deconstructing, erasing, writing, burning, reassembling, and installing.

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